Internship Class Week 9

It is really wild to imagine just how much can get done in a week! I don’t really remember what has happened since last week and things are becoming more and more blurry with what I have done when, so there might be some overlap as to what has all happened since last week.

First, my logo has been approved! I had to create a logo for a country club, and the first iteration I had created had some little hiccups I needed to fix. I only had one image to go off of and it wasn’t the easiest to look at, especially when looking at it zoomed in, but another image was found of it that looked better and easier to recreate, and so I made the proper changes. The second image I used to recreate the logo had more vibrant colors, apparently the first one was pretty faded, and the image was bigger which was nice. I turned the logo in to my client, and he turned it into the board of the country club and it was unanimously approved!

Here it is:

Next, I have finished the script for the video I am to make! It still needs approval, but I have written a rough draft that I am pretty happy with. It is on AudioCraft, an AI program created by Meta that allows you to type in a prompt of music or sound effects you want to hear, with it then creating something for you to listen to. It is really interesting and I never realized that you can type in prompts for images and text for AI programs, but no audio or music. I am really nervous/excited to take the next step in creating this video, but I feel like the hardest part is over.

I also have been assigned a social media account to work on by my internship. It is a Twitter account with the handle @globalsearch4ed, and I have had to schedule tweets to come out for the month, as well as follow accounts, unfollow accounts, like, and repost things everyday. It has been interesting to see how it all works to schedule tweets, as well as figuring out how to amass more followers.

The last update I have is that I have also had to create some newsletters that are due Wednesday. It was pretty simple, I just had to follow their pre-existing template, but it was also quite a lot on my plate from this internship. It has been fun having different projects to work on, and I am glad the projects are easy to follow and work on, but it has left me overall exhausted by the end of the week between school work and internship projects. I have never used Constant Contact, a newsletter creator, before, but I am glad it has been simple to use. I have to send out a test email to the people that oversee my work, but I think it should be pretty easy to do. I hope it works and everything goes smoothly!

Here is an image of one of the newsletters I have completed:

2 thoughts on “Internship Class Week 9

  1. Jenny

    Wow! You did a lot! The logo is awesome! Congratulations on your logo! Your work always impress me. Your newsletter looks so good! Also great job on that. I am glad to see your work and what you have been working in. This week and last week has been crazy for me too. Internship is defiantly keeping me busy! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Tracy

    Hi Emily! I love your logo and the newsletter, they both look great! l have never heard of Constant Contact either, but these tools that help create content are of great help. I used Adobe Express for help in creating social media posts, and I found it to be very helpful.


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