Internship Class Week 8

Well, it is official, I am apart of a new internship! This week has been a lot of planning and getting signatures for my new internship, but I have also been able to start on a project. My first project for my internship was to create social media graphics for Twitter and Instagram for videos my internship company curated. I had to take a picture from each video, there were ten total, and place it on a page on canva, with the formatting staying the same as their other social media graphics. The assignment was really easy, and they liked the end result! Here is an image of one of the graphics as an example of what I had to do:

I already also have been given another assignment, this time a video on a topic they chose. It is about AI in audio and music, and I am excited yet nervous to tackle this because I have to write a script that has to be approved, as well as add my own voiceover to the project! I am not super well-versed in editing and know the basics, but since this is only supposed to be a little over 2 minutes long, I hope it will turn out okay!

For class work, I have been trying to get ahead on everything lately and make sure the end of the semester is smooth sailing. I have been responding to discussions that are due in a few weeks so that way I don’t forget I have to do them! Thankfully, I am keeping track of everything that needs to be done for the end of the semester, and I feel as though I don’t have too much work left for myself, which brings me relief and makes me feel a little less stressed out.

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  1. Tracy

    I love the graphic you created, Emily! The video project sounds interesting, and I would be nervous too, I don’t like doing the voiceover stuff either. And good job on managing your time, being organized, and multitasking skills. I’m trying to keep ahead as well, but it is challenging!


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