Internship Class Week 7

It is hard to believe another week has passed! It feels like it has been longer, and yet shorter since the last time I wrote here. There has been a lot that has happened since the last time I wrote here.

I finished the logo that I was working on for my last internship project! I had to make some revisions on my rough draft to make it look closer to the actual logo. I am waiting on a response to my edits to make sure that it looks up to par, but I have created a few different versions of the logo to make sure that at least one of the versions I made match what my client is looking for. Here is the second version of the logo I made for River Ridge Country Club:

It was hard to get a perfectly matching logo as there weren’t many images to base my recreation off of. I only had one to begin with, and then when asked for edits, I was provided with another image. There aren’t many images of it out there, and my client had to ask around to see if anyone had an image of the logo he was looking for. Nonetheless, I think I did a pretty good job making the logo look similar to what he was looking for!

In other news, applying to a bunch of different internships has finally paid off for me, as a month after applying to all of the internships I could find online that I was interested in, one reached out back to me with an offer! It is unfortunately unpaid, but it is remote, requires at least 10 hours a week that I can choose when to work, gives me a bunch of different project work I can add to my portfolio, and will last for a couple of months so I should be set on internship work for the rest of the year! I am really excited, and actually start today with working with everyone. They have told me that it is a priority to help me out and use this as a stepping stone to help me get a job in this area, which is so great. They even said that some interns like working with them so much that they have stayed for an entire year!

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  1. Tracy

    You did a great job on the logo Emily! It looks really nice. And that’s great that you got an internship job. It may not be a paid job, but it does give you experience and it will look great on your resume. I am happy for you, Emily!


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