Internship Class Week 5

I don’t even really know where to start with my blog this week. I have been a bit consumed this past week with more personal situations. I adopted a cat this past week and have been mainly trying to adjust to life with my new cat, so my internship work has taken a bit of a backburner recently.

I have been still working with my client from my first project because the site isn’t completely done. Because this is a reunion site for a reunion next year, invitations won’t be sent until the beginning of next year, which means the site won’t be completely finished until the beginning of next year. I only really have to make updates by adding payment information as well as a menu, but that is mainly what I was working on with my internship this past week. There is a lot of testing that needs to be done to make sure everything works, and I have never added payment information to a website before so I hope it all goes smoothly. Creating the section to add a payment option wasn’t too hard, but I am nervous about how it will perform when people actually need to buy tickets.

Because I am on the tail end of what I need to do for the reunion site, I have begun looking for other types of internship projects I can work on, asking around to see if anyone would want me to work on a personal site, or a business site, or a page of a site, or social media for a business. Really anything I can find, I will take. I am ideally looking for project work and I know a few people who have websites I can hopefully work on. It has been a blast creating this last site and it is super easy to add to my portfolio site!

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  1. Tracy

    Hi Emily. I would be nervous too, adding some type of payment option. But since you are using a website builder, I think it will work and perform as it should. It is hard finding internship work, so we just need to keep asking! And you adopted a cat! What did you name him or her?


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