Internship Class Week 4

Last week went by really fast! For class work, I really only worked on the blogs and looked ahead a little to see what will all be due next in November. Otherwise, it has just been internship work for me. I was able to get all the necessary forms signed and approved, and was able to get a working site up and ready to go! The client really liked it, and I do too! I am not 100% done with it, but it is nearly there, just some more details need to be added that I am hoping to finish up this week.

Here is a link to the site, as well as some images of it, to show what I have been working on:

screenshot image of site linked aboveabout section screenshot of linked sitecontact section screenshot of website linked on blog

This project has been really fun, and I learned a lot more about working with GoDaddy and their website builder, which I didn’t even know they had. I had no idea how to work on someone else’s GoDaddy account or how to add my files to another account before this project. I had to teach myself a lot and do a lot of research on things I was not expecting to have to run into with a project, but I am really glad I gained this experience and feel like I have become a better web designer/developer through this. If I make any major changes by next week, I will be sure to give updates!

1 thought on “Internship Class Week 4

  1. Tracy Hopfer

    Great job Emily, the site looks very nice! I knew GoDaddy had a website builder, but I have never tried it. It had to feel a bit odd to work on someone else’s account, I have yet to experience that. And yes the more we do, the better we become!


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