Internship Class Week 3

Week 3 has been a rollercoaster for me! For classwork, I had to create a LinkedIn profile and turn it in for feedback from the class. I was given some great feedback that I felt improved the look of my profile. I also greatly improved my employment seeking website to include all of the information on it that I wanted, besides the internship work and program outcomes sections. I’ll place a link to it here in case anyone wantes to check it out.

For internship work, I honestly am blurring my days and weeks a little. I can’t remember if I applied for internships last week or if I applied after my last blog. I applied to many different places, though, and have only gotten rejections back unfortunately. It makes me nervous about the other places I applied to but didn’t hear back from. I reached out to different places that I was interested in working with as well, but haven’t heard back from any of those places, either. My last options are to work on projects for family and friends, of which I don’t want to bother, but if they have work for me, I will gladly take them up on it!

I was able to secure an unpaid internship that Tammy offered to the class! I contacted Jeff, the client, and am currently working on a 50 year high-school reunion website. It has been interesting working with a client and figuring out what to make the site look like based on what has been asked for and already created. I have learned a lot during the process of working on this site, like how to add my site files or directly change the look of the site from delegate access on someone else’s account. I have also worked more extensively with formatting and organizing a site into the way I envisioned it, as well as responsiveness on a site. I am overall pretty proud with what I have accomplished making the site so far, and I hope to have it completed by next blog to share the finished product and overall review of working on it!

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  1. Tracy

    Hi Emily, its great to hear that you are working on a project and I can’t wait to see it! And don’t be discouraged in finding actual employment, just keep applying and you will eventually hear back from someone. All those rejections may actually be blessings!!!


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