Internship Class Week 2

I don’t know what else to say about week 2 other than I am exhausted! We had to work on creating resumes and cover letters, and getting them both reviewed by both peers and the student employment services. I had to change quite a bit around but am super happy with the feedback I received. I also got a start on my student employment seeking website and found some viable work samples I want to show off on my portfolio. I definitely plan on changing the look of my website up, but I just wanted to get it created and planned as a head start.

Besides classwork, though, I have been trying to make way on finding an internship. I have looked online, using job board resources provided in class and the usual common ways like Indeed, Handshake, and LinkedIn. It hasn’t provided me with too many results, unfortunately, with there not being a lot of web design internships in the area or that are remote. A lot of internships I have found are for summer of next year, which is obviously not the right time frame. I also have found quite a few internships that aren’t paid, which will be a last resort for me since the majority to all of the hours need to be paid. I have resulted in looking for even graphic design internships that might offer web design aspects like coding, just to expand my search. I have even found jobs in the field that I might reach out to, to just to see if I can intern instead of applying for an actual job.

I have other methods of finding internships, though. I remember being told that a lot of finding internships involves networking. I have talked to family and friends to see if there are any projects they would need, or their friends would need, or to see if there are internships available at where they work to see if I could get my foot in the door there. I thankfully have some family members that work in tech, or in web design themselves, that I can have help me out. On top of that, I have thought about reaching out to jobs that I have some invested interested in working at that don’t currently have internships or job postings in the field available. My thoughts have been that the worst that could come of it is that I get ignored or told no, which is basically what I am expecting anyway, so it can’t hurt. I am pretty nervous that nothing will come of my searching, but I am trying to stay positive!

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  1. Jenny

    Hi Emily,
    Have you applied to any jobs/interns in Handshake? Handshake is new to me, so I did try it out. If you haven’t, try it out. I am still looking for an intern too. The struggle is real! I hope we find something soon because I am ready to put in some hours. Goodluck in your intern/job search! Wish you the best <3


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