Internship Class Week 14

I can’t believe the end of the semester is finally here! It is wild to think that this is my final blog post. 14 weeks went by really fast, a lot faster than I originally thought they would. So much has happened in this time that it is hard to believe it has been this long. I have been at my internship for over a month now, which is crazy to think about!

I have finished my classes completely, this blog is the last thing I needed to work on to complete everything. I have turned in all of my work in my other classes, and have now turned in everything for this class as well. I have turned in my internship documentation, my personal development plan, and now my internship blogs.

For my internship work, I am chugging along! I have still been working on the social media account I was assigned for November because I have looked at the schedule and the planned tweets document and saw that no one was really assigned to tweet anything out for December. I wanted to make sure the account was still active and gaining followers, so unless I see someone else working on it or get asked to work on another account, I will continue to work on this account to make sure it is still active.

I have finally finished my second draft of the video I have been working on, and am actually really proud of how it turned out! It took a couple of tweaking things I wasn’t too happy with, but I think it looks really good! If I have to make any more changes, I already have my assumptions of what should be changed and am prepared to make those changes. I sent it in and was told thank you, so I am assuming that if I don’t hear anything else, that it is good to go! I have other work to do, which is always nice. I have just been assigned another video to work on, but this is a promo video, which is a lot easier to work on than one I have to write, record, and edit myself. I have a structure to follow and it isn’t much to do. I am glad to have this change of pace, though. That other video was stressful!

Here is a link to it in google drive if anyone wants to check it out:

Overall, I guess I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for this class and where it has led me. Without it, I wouldn’t be working at the internship I am at now, which couldn’t be more perfect for me! I am so happy to have learned how to create a LinkedIn account, a Handshake profile, how to create a portfolio website for myself, and how to create a professional looking resume and cover letter. I had never had an internship before this and am so happy to know what it is like to work professionally in this field. I also am really grateful for all of the nice comments and helpful critiques I have gotten along the way from everyone!

It is so weird to believe that I was somewhat of a beginner when I entered this program. I wanted to expand my knowledge and help cover myself in job searches by having more knowledge in the tech field and make me a more viable candidate for graphic design jobs by having web design knowledge under my belt. Now, I know how to create websites by myself, style them the way I like, make them responsive, add animations, and so much more. I was really nervous for the internship aspect of this program, but am so glad that I went through with taking this program on because I really feel as though it has opened doors and led me on my way to a promising future!

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  1. Tracy

    Hi Emily, I think your video turned out great! It looks and sounds professional, and you should be very proud of yourself! And I think that your decision to learn web design was a very smart one, it will definitely help you with your career as a graphic designer. I enjoyed being able to view your work Emily, and I think whatever design career you chose you will definitely excel in! I wish you much success! And it was very nice meeting you, and I want to thank you for your helpful critiques and positive comments as well! Take care, Emily!


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