Internship Class Week 13

These last few weeks have mainly been winding down the class and focusing on internship work. I have been making sure all of my final projects are in order and have turned in my internship documentation and worked on my personal development plan and turned that in as well. All I have left to do is work on these internship blogs. You would think with the end of the semester close by that there would be less work to do, but my head was spinning all of this past week trying to keep everything in order and finish up all of my classes! I am just glad the majority of the final work is done and over with now.

As for my internship, I sent out my evaluations for my internship documentation and received them back the same day with some really nice things being said about me! I am so glad my internship projects have been so nice and I have only received positive reviews! This was the last thing I needed to be able to turn my internship documentation in, and start on my personal development plan. I also received a new project to work on some lead images, which was actually pretty simple, and I was able to work on them and finish them by Wednesday, 2 days before they were expected to be handed back in.

Other than that, I have still been working on that pesky video! I redid my voiceover to be more enunciated, slow, and emotional. I have been editing everything to make it all smoother, including trimming empty pauses in the voiceover, trimming down video length, adding transitions, adding credits, and cropping the video sizes themselves to fit the screen better. It hasn’t been the easiest working in Rocketium, the video editor they want me to use, so I have been doing some of the things I can’t really do in that program, like editing the size of the video and fixing the voiceover length, in Adobe Premiere instead. Thankfully, I only have a little left to do before I turn it back in and hopefully can call it a day on this video! Maybe I will share the updated video next week if all goes well.

2 thoughts on “Internship Class Week 13

  1. Tracy

    I am so happy to hear you have all your internship work done, and that you received nothing but positive reviews on your evaluations! And it is hard working with something you are not familiar with, but that pesky little video will get done. I can’t wait to see the updated version Emily!

  2. Jenny

    You are almost done! Glad to hear you have most of your stuff turned in. I am still struggling here figuring out my stuff! I cannot wait to turn it all in and be done!!


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