Internship Class Week 12

I don’t have as much to say this week as I did last week. I just have been working on the same thing pretty much the entire week. It doesn’t help that I didn’t do any internship work last Thursday and Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I have mainly been working on making changes and updating the video I’ve been working on according to the critiques I got. I am not sure if I like this version better to be honest, but I wanted to add more visuals of the AudioCraft program itself into the video I am making about it. I have been screen recording clips and replaceing some of the videos and images with visuals more focused on AudioCraft and have been making sure to credit everything I used at the end. I am a little unsure of who/what to all credit since I have used copyright free images and videos for the most part, but I will figure it out this week. I also still have to re-record the voiceover. The revising of the video is taking me longer than making the rough draft!

I have also, today, been given another assignment of creating lead images for January 2024. As far as I know, it is basically the same thing as creating the social media graphics, so I am not concerned with how long it might take me since I feel like those assignments have been relatively easy, and fun, for me to work on. Besides all of that, I have been still running the Twitter account and I have gained a substantial amount of followers, which I am really proud of since I had never run a social media account for someone before!

Other than my internship work, I am slowly trying to close in on the rest of the semester. I have been trying to finish up classes as soon as I can so I don’t have to worry about any of it anymore. That includes getting my employment site as done as I can get it, getting my internship documents filled out so I can turn that all in, and working on my personal improvement and professional development plan, which I hope to work on and finish this week.

I also would like to end this post with a quick thank you to everyone who has left a comment on previous posts for all of the nice messages I have received. I have read them all and appreciated each one of them <3

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  1. Tracy

    Congratulations on the Twitter account! You must be posting some pretty good and engaging content to be gaining followers. It’s not an easy task to encourage people to follow a social media page, especially Twitter. And it’s alright that you took a well deserved break on Thursday and Friday, you have been very busy Emily! I think its great that you have been able to keep up and on track with everything, it’s not easy. You should be very proud of yourself and all of your hard work! And don’t overthink the video you are making. Just have fun with it, and do what you love to do, which is to be creative!


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