Internship Class Week 11

This week has been quite a bit of work on my video. I had gotten my script approved after some initial small edits, and started working on video production. I have been editing the video basically this entire week and finally have a rough draft finished that I am really proud of! I had found visuals that I felt matched what I was looking for with the video, and included a voiceover on my video. I unfortunately can’t just place it here as the file size is too large, but I have a link to it in my google drive where you can watch it if you’d like. Here it is:

I turned this in to my internship where I was told it was technically well done, but I could improve some things. I could add some more visuals, particularly from Meta about AudioCraft, and I could workshop my voiceover to go slower and show more emotion. I also was told to add a title slide, which I think is a really good idea. I was really greatful for all of the feedback I had received and am excited to make the changes necessary to make it a better viewing experience! I will most likely be working on this for the next coming weeks.

Other than that, I have been still actively updating the Twitter account I have been assigned for the month. It has been going really smoothly and I actually have amassed 40 followers since I started working on this account!

In terms of school work, I have been trying to make it easier on myself for the end of the semester by trying to finish up as much as I can. I have basically finished my employment seeking portfolio website, and I have done all of the other documents necessary to turn that in. I only need performance documents reviewed by my current internship and I can work on the personal improvement and professional development plan. That is really the only thing I have left to work on in this class, and it feels so good to think that everything is almost ready to turn in!

2 thoughts on “Internship Class Week 11

  1. Jenny

    Emily, your video is great! It looks super professional. You are so good at what you do! I love viewing your work. Keep up the good work. Keep updating your social media too and sharing your amazing work!

    With the semester coming to an end, I do feel like I still have so much to do. It has been a busy month for me! I cannot wait to be done with my internship next week! We are almost there! <3

  2. Tracy

    Emily I agree with Jenny, your video looks professional and I too enjoy viewing your work. I am happy for you, you are doing something you love to do and it shows in your work!


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