Internship Class Week 10

It is really weird to think the semester is almost over! Only one more month to go! I have been making sure I have everything ready for the end of the semester so it all goes as smoothly as it can for me. I have been responding to the discussions due, and working on the final projects for the class so that when the time comes, I just have to turn everything in. Thankfully, one of the assignments is this blog, and another is the documentation from each internship, so I don’t really have to worry about two assignments. I have been adding to and updating my portfolio/job seeking site lately. I worked on the checklist this past week and have created the program outcomes for that page on my site. I have also been making sure every finished project goes on to my portfolio page. I also have looked at the other assignment, but I can’t work on that until I get all of the performance review documentation from my internships, which I am hoping to get by the end of the month.

Other than that, I have been busy with internship work! I finished my newsletters. I had one critique on changing the subject line for when the emails go out, but otherwise, I was told I did a great job! I have consistently been working on the GlobalSearch4Ed Twitter account by liking and reposting tweets, as well as following and unfollowing people daily. I have seen some steady growth and it actually is kinda fun to look on Twitter for my internship! Besides that, I have been working on the video I have to make. I heard back from management on some changes to be made to my script, which was mainly just rewording some of my script. I was told it was really good, though, and I have finally started on the editing process. I have found some visuals to use, and have recorded a voiceover, so now it is time for me to put it all together. Hopefully I will have a finished product to share next week!

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  1. Tracy

    I too Emily, have finished my assignments and am able to put all my focus on my internship work. I can’t wait to see your video! It sounds like fun, except for the voiceover part. I would like to try making a video, but I would have one of my kids do the voiceover!


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