Internship Class Week 1

If I had to choose one word to describe this week, I would pick overwhelming! Working on resumes, cover letters, a Handshake profile, having to fill out release forms, and now working on blogs every week, there was a lot to do. And that isn’t even the internship part! I didn’t realize there was so much to work on before the internship part of the class. I had to even start this class a little early because I left the state to go on a family vacation, so I guess this is really how I felt across the first two weeks for me. There was a lot to get done before leaving, and it feels like even more to catch up on now that I am back!

I have been trying to get caught up on classes and even work ahead in some this week, not only to give myself more time in my schedule for internships, but just to give me the opportunity to look because it has slipped my mind a little with all of the things I have had to catch up on in this class and my four others! Overall, this first week (or maybe two if you count the week before school started) has been filled to the brim with work for me to do and I have been swamped with playing catch-up. I am hoping that even though I don’t have an internship lined up now, that I will be able to soon, but I am a little nervous about being able to secure one or having enough time to get the hours required. I have to remind myself that I have time to still find one and should be able to, if I manage my time correctly, handle everything on my plate. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Internship Class Week 1

  1. Tammy

    Great job getting the blog up and running and posted here for your peers to post comments on for you!
    Remember to post to your blog weekly and make comments directly on your peer’s blogs weekly too for the rest of the semester!


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